Chinese Pomfret 600-800g (斗鲳) – Medium


The Chinese Pomfret  (斗鲳) is more expensive than other types of pomfret as it is deemed to be the best tasting pomfret, with its soft texture and naturally sweet taste. It’s flesh is also thicker than other pomfrets.

This fish is practically synonymous with Teochew cuisine and any respectable Teochew restaurants will usually feature this dish.  The only accepted way to eat this fish is with the Teochew steam or a Teochew steamboat. This is a medium sized fish, weighing 600g to 800g and it’s suitable for steaming at home.  It will feed a family of 3-4 person comfortably.

Product of Indonesia – wild caught

Note:  This is a medium size 600-800g fish that comes individually vacuumed packed. It’s not descaled yet.

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